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Post of Head of School at Brindishe Lee

Dear Colleague,

Firstly, let me extend a warm welcome to you. I am delighted that you have expressed an interest in the role of Head of School at Brindishe Lee.

I have been in post as the Executive Head of the Brindishe Federation of Schools since September 2018 and since then I have focused on developing our partnership, taking it from strength to strength, working both individually and together in a supportive and strategic way. The Brindishe Federation is very well established and I am proud to be involved in the development of three schools which serve such a rich and diverse community.

Brindishe Lee school is the smallest of the three within the Federation but is a gem of a school and the children are an absolute delight. They are well mannered and utilise the open space in such a way that allows them to immerse themselves in their own independent learning through the guidance of a fantastic team of staff. It has a range of learning spaces including a dance studio, a children’s kitchen, a great sports pitch and a fantastic outdoor play area. It is situated within a very welcoming community and is close to shops, parks and a number of train stations including Lee Green and Hither Green – great for commuting. We also have a small car park.

Being part of the Federation allows the school to have access to a wealth of skills, knowledge and support including an exceptionally committed SLT team; a fantastic group of teachers and support staff; a forward thinking IT team; a highly skilled finance team and a motivated premises team ensuring we are continually striving for the best we can, providing a fantastic education for our community. Being within the Federation not only allows you to develop as a leader of your own school, but also gives you the opportunity of working closely with our existing Brindishe heads developing tri-school plans, projects and policies.

I hope that by looking through the website and reading our information you will be interested in coming for a visit; the words you have read will certainly be brought to life. To arrange a time, please do not hesitate to contact me on 07508 868726 or email as it would be my pleasure to show you around.

Kind regards,

Rachel Waite

Executive Head