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Brindishe Green

Brindishe Green

Welcome to Brindishe Green

Brindishe Green is a community school where learning together is seen as a very important part of the education that we offer.

The school is arranged on three floors with our youngest children on the ground floor. Though the building might look traditional, we use it in a modern way. Our children use different spaces in the school depending on the curriculum area or the type of learning in which they are involved. Each year group of children or class has its own classroom. Each class will also use and learn in shared areas outside their classroom. This may be in an art, dance or music studio or outdoor learning areas.  They will not always be limited to one classroom under the direct supervision of their teacher. You might imagine this creates a lot of noise as children move around our large building. In fact it doesn’t – Brindishe Green is a very quiet and calm school. Children learn in a calm and considerate way and behave responsibly.

Our flexible approach to learning encourages a feeling of commitment and belonging in our children. They are encouraged to see themselves as part of the whole school, they get to know all members of staff and all members of staff know them. Teaching and support staff work closely together sharing responsibility for making a very organised and educationally stimulating environment, ensuring that resources are well looked after and available. They help all children to behave well and become successful learners.

Structure and organisation are important to us and we have clear procedures and policies for every aspect of school life. These are agreed by staff and governors in consultation with parents and carers and are applied carefully to ensure that Brindishe Green children achieve high standards, are well supported in their learning and develop a strong sense of community and good citizenship.


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